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I don't understand how delena shippers can talk bullshit about stelena. what's worse is that they view stelena's love as boring and disgusting but delena's love as true love. Like if you asked me, I wouldn't want my "true love" to be violent and manipulative and for him to kill everyone I love just so that I could stay alive. I mean yes, it's sweet that someone wants me alive above everyone else but shouldn't he respect me enough to let me choose who I want to let live above all else? idgi srsly

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Damon is in Love with Elena and no one can compete with that, but how did he not know that the girl who he was trying to get back for 164 years (Katherine), was in Elena's body? If you know Elena with and without humanity and if you know Elena when she's at her worst position, how do U not know she's being possessed by a 500 year old vampire who always screws all the happy times over? How do you not catch on with that?

Exactly. And they think that’s “true love”.

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Hey, I saw some bad things about delena on your blog. You can't do that. You have to respect the all Delena shippers because we respect stelena. We didn't said anything wrong or bad about so don't either. It is not our problem if you have horrible tastes. Why do you think delena won every year the Best Chemistry on a Tv show? You say your opinions about delena? Fine, so i say my opinions about stelena: this is the most disgusting, the most unreal love i'v never seen. They are horrible together.


This is a joke, right? You’re trolling, right? WHICH Delena shippers respect Stelena?

Now.. When I started off this blog, I tried to make it my mission to try to keep the peace between Stelena and Delena fans. All I did was reblog and talk about Stelena, not saying anything bad about Delena, the writing, or its fans. And you know what I got? Rude and hurtful Delena stans coming to my blog, leaving me hateful messages, calling me stupid for shipping who I ship, reblogging my gifsets with stupidity commented below, and much more. And this never stopped. So then I thought to myself.. Why the fuck am I trying to keep the peace between the fandom when the other half isn’t, and they even go as far as coming to my blog and leaving me disgusting messages. So I gave up. And I decided to give them a peace of my mind, and not give a fuck about what I say anymore.

I am also super pleased at how immature you are. You’re right, Delena keeps winning at polls, because that’s all you guys do. Sit in front of a computer and vote. Now, look at the big Delena episodes and their ratings.. They are the worst all season. Now you tell me that Delena is the better couple.

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You can't say that Julie is stupid. You just can't! Yes, she let delena happen. But i don't see why stelena can happen and not delena? What makes stelena stronger? Nothing! Because stelena was the stupidest thing in tvd! Everytime i see a stelena scene i just want to vomit! They are ridiculous burk. It was too a 'romance love' it wasn't passionate. But damon was consuming elena, not like stefan. She fell in love with him cause the universe made it, he was the new mysterious guy at school. WTF??!

You’re right… An abusive, manipulative, and sired relationship is so much better than true love. Wtf is wrong with you?

And yet again, here you are, another Delena shipper who is so blinded by Delena. Yes, Silas’ and Amora’s doppelgängers are meant to be together, but that does not mean they will end up together. Look at Stefan and Katherine. Katherine wanted to be with Stefan, and tried to do everything she can do make it happen. But did it? No.

So yes, the universe might be helping them get together, but it does not MAKE them get together. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide. Unlike Delena, where Elena got together with Damon because of a sire bond.

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Wait how do u kno julie ships delena?

Because it’s so obvious. Everything that comes out of her mouth is about Delena, and how Damon is misunderstood, blah blah.

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it was kinda caroline who found out katherin was in elenas body

Well the overall point is, it wasn’t Damon.

Stefan realized that it was Katherine in Elena's body. Not damon. Case closed.

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