Stefan has done bad things too, not just Damon. Yeah, Damon has done stupid things but Stefan has too. Stefan and Elenas love isnt real; everything is perfect between them all the time and their relationship is really predictable. However, Damon and Elena have disagreements and fight, which makes it more interesting to watch. Also, Stefan goes on as if he is the better brother, when really they are both vampires and elena could have done without them both in the first place

Really? You’re playing the “Stefan has done bad things too and Stelena was too perfect” card? Pathetic.

First, yes Stefan has done bad things, but at least tries to be different and to make up for his wrongs. Can the same be said for Damon? Not even a little bit.

Second, I weep for humanity when you say Stefan and Elena were “too perfect” and that their love isn’t real. Are we watching the same show? They fought, they disagreed, they got mad at each other, but the difference here is that they did it with respect, and love. When Damon and Elena fight, Damon reacts and kills Jeremy and her friends. Damon and Elena are the most abusive, controlling, and unhealthy relationship I have ever witnessed on TV. I can’t begin to fathom that you like them, and so blindly protect them.

can i have itttt? <3

Sorry but no. :( It’s my favourite and I use it all the time. Check out my icons page tho! There might be one there that you like. :)

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I made it. :)

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I'll have Stefan if Elena doesn't js

I’ll take Stefan regardless of what Elena wants.

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there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation


You don’t know what it’s like being in love with you. You know when you and I were together every single atom of my body told me that it was the right thing, that we were the perfect fit. A kind of love that can change your whole life. And then when somebody who made you feel that way suddenly stops the vacuum is just….

Stefan to “Elena” - 5x14


I am so extremely happy I have found this blog. Thankyou!

Aw, it’s my pleasure! Anything to keep the beauty of Stelena alive.

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No offence, but this blog just seems to be dedicated to hating damon, not stefan and elenas love

Two things:

1. The writers ruined the perfection of Stelena just to make Delena happen.

2. Damon is a piece of shit.