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I loved Damon as a stand alone character in the first few seasons, but now he's just a dick who got (and lost) the girl.


Nina today at Coachella. (April 12)

I don't understand how delena shippers can talk bullshit about stelena. what's worse is that they view stelena's love as boring and disgusting but delena's love as true love. Like if you asked me, I wouldn't want my "true love" to be violent and manipulative and for him to kill everyone I love just so that I could stay alive. I mean yes, it's sweet that someone wants me alive above everyone else but shouldn't he respect me enough to let me choose who I want to let live above all else? idgi srsly

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Damon is in Love with Elena and no one can compete with that, but how did he not know that the girl who he was trying to get back for 164 years (Katherine), was in Elena's body? If you know Elena with and without humanity and if you know Elena when she's at her worst position, how do U not know she's being possessed by a 500 year old vampire who always screws all the happy times over? How do you not catch on with that?

Exactly. And they think that’s “true love”.

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