What do you want to happen in season 6?

I don’t really know, nor do I care. I stopped watching TVD halfway through season 5, and all I know is that something happened in the season finale that ruined Stelena even more. So why should I bother? Plec should just give up on writing.

Elie Saab: Outside Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week (July 09, 2014)

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I use to ship Delena slightly in seasons 1 and 2 but now Damon has truned into such a baby. He just doesn't grow up. And everybody is like 'Oh but he is so misuinderstood, blah blah' well now he makes that such a big deal! He is always winning about how selfish he is and how much he doesn't deserve Elena and it's just being too much. Also their relationship is so toxic and unhealthy right now. I don't even know how they can be endgame when not even Elena pictures her future with him!
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I loved Damon as a stand alone character in the first few seasons, but now he's just a dick who got (and lost) the girl.