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That trailer makes me so uncomfortable. Elena has turned into Bella. Gone is the strong independent girl who wouldn't let the death of a guy ruin her life, and replaced is a shell of the character so many people respected and admired. It's not even that she chose Damon. I couldn't careless about the love triangle anymore. I just hate that her character had become so dependent on a male character. Sigh. Sorry I really needed to vent.

Yuuuuuup. Such a shame.


idk what tvd is anymore they basically should rename it to "the delena diaries" because of the julie plec impact.

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Personally I hate what Julie did. I can't even watch vampire diaries anymore because if delena. It's terrible. Stefan made Elena a better person & Elena made Stefan a better person. Stefan forgot what he was when he was around her. Their love was epic. Damon makes Elena a total bitch. & it's just the sire bond. & it pisses me off that Julie likes delena better. Most of the viewers would pick stelena over delena any day. They are perfect for eachother no matter what. I hate Julie for what she did

I completely agree with you. Julie ruined an amazing show just to make Delena happen and shove them down our throats. 

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do you think if elena is a human again that will change her at all? maybe redeem her?

I don’t think so. Not much can redeem Elena in my opinion. Or the show. 

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What do you want to happen in season 6?

I don’t really know, nor do I care. I stopped watching TVD halfway through season 5, and all I know is that something happened in the season finale that ruined Stelena even more. So why should I bother? Plec should just give up on writing.

Elie Saab: Outside Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week (July 09, 2014)

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